Reasons Why Your Beaded Bracelets Break Easily

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Beaded bracelets are a delight to the eyes. In its extraordinary beauty also lies its tenderness. If handled improperly, your beaded bracelets may sag, snap, break or even lose its form, thereby causing the precious gemstones to scatter, get lost or appear crude.

Bracelets in general, especially beaded bracelets can be prone to all forms of risks or dangers. Beaded bracelets require special care to ensure it lasts long and to prevent them from breaking. More often than not, people intentionally or unintentionally mishandle their bracelets by failing to follow some guidelines. By making a few easy adjustments to how you use, maintain, and of course store your elastic bracelets, you may increase their lifespan. The following are the main causes of beaded bracelet breakage.


1. Wearing your bracelet to factories or places with sharp edges

This is a common mistake or oversight. You are expected to pull off your bracelets before going to a factory, building construction or any other area with sharp places. Failure to do this might result in your bracelet getting snagged or caught between sharp objects. Additionally, putting on your beaded bracelet while doing certain jobs is not recommended. This particular rule is crucial for sustained use.

2. Wearing your bracelet all the time

As a rule of thumb, you should not put on your bracelets all the time. There are certain occasions that do not require you to wear your beaded bracelets. Sweat is okay for beaded bracelets, but nothing more. Occasions when you’re not required to put on your bracelets include:

  • When doing the laundry.
  • During personal grooming such as: washing your hair, hair spraying, applying body lotions, applying sunscreens, perfumes, etc.
  • When doing the dishes or cleaning. 

All these products – soaps, cleaning agents, shampoo, conditioners, body lotions, hair products, sunscreen and sprays, all contain chemicals that weaken the elasticity of your beaded bracelets over time and also reduce the sheen of the gemstones. Remove the bracelets before using any of those products and get in the habit of not wearing them while swimming.

3. Failure to put it on correctly

Some people wear their bracelets improperly, probably because they are in a hurry or because of lack of attention. When wearing your beaded bracelets, be careful not to pull at the gemstones, neither should you pull any end of the bracelet to form a triangle. Doing these will cause the elastic to expand and will eventually snap. The ideal way to wear a beaded bracelet is to roll the beads/gemstones over the wrist, while stretching the bracelet as little as possible.

4. Too tight bracelets 

This is another reason why your beaded bracelet might break. You may have purchased really tight bracelets or small-sized bracelets. This would cause the rubber to expand and gradually lose its form. When buying beaded bracelets physically, ensure that the elastic strap does not squeeze your wrist and it shouldn’t be too loose either. When buying online, check your wrist size and know the size that accurately fits your wrist. You can choose a small or medium size if you have a slim build and a moderately sized wrist. Otherwise, go for large. 

Additionally, you must adjust the size of your bracelet to the wire’s capacity for elasticity because if the bracelet is too small, a wire that is not sufficiently flexible could break when you try to put it on.

5. Visibly exposed Knots

If you see a visible knot on a beaded bracelet, then there’s a high possibility that the bracelet won’t hold for very long. On the other hand, if there is no clear indication of how the knot was done, your beaded bracelet is likely to last.

The most excellent  beaded bracelets on the market feature knots that have been glued together and then inserted inside one of the beads/gemstones. The glue hardens inside the bead’s barrel, giving the cord more tensile strength and durability. This ensures to seal the bracelet from most kinds of chemical breakdown.

6. Wearing bracelets made from floss elastic 

An elastic cord particularly noted for fraying easily is the floss elastic.

It is not uncommon to see beaded bracelets made from floss elastic due to its affordability and ease of usage. This kind of thread will eventually tear, with strands gradually coming loose until the cord is completely destroyed. You shouldn’t expect too much when you purchase a bracelet with this kind of cord. Fortunately, we provide exquisitely handcrafted beaded bracelets that were made with high-quality materials and carefully chosen gemstones. All to give premium satisfaction to our customers and to ensure that what our customers wear is of the highest quality.

7. Exposing bracelets to external elements

The cord of the beaded bracelets tends to become weaker over time as a result of prolonged exposure to the environment. Different environmental factors, such as heat, UV rays, salt, chemicals, and perspiration, damage elastomers and cords over time. Following these guidelines will help your beaded bracelets survive as long as possible.

  • Remove bracelets when you know you’re going to sweat profusely. Such as during exercises, running or when at the gym. This would help to protect the gemstones.
  • Keep your beaded bracelet away from direct sunlight or heat. Avoid leaving bracelets on window sills or other surfaces with direct contact to sunlight.
  • When washing hands with soap or any foaming agent, endeavor to remove bracelets and set aside.


Listed above are the many reasons why beaded bracelets break and wear out. To be on the safe side, it is important to adhere to the instructions as stated above. You can tell how meticulous you can be by treating even something as simple as your bracelets with care. This article, How to take care of men’s bracelet gives detailed instructions and care tips for every kind of bracelet.

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