How to take care of your Men’s bracelet?

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“Show me your bracelet and i will tell you who you are – something like that :-)”

Both for men and women, bracelets make wonderful jewelry items. They instantly catch people’s attention since they are very presentable and graceful. Additionally, you can wear bracelets every day and they are ideal for any event.

Bracelet risks exist round the clock. Everything from your pet pulling on it to it flying away at your favorite sports game. Bracelets need the utmost care and attention, just like any other piece of jewelry, to maintain its lustre.

Often times than not, poorly maintained bracelets, reveal a lot about its owner. As much as bracelets could define and elevate your style, It could as well be demeaning and degrading, hence the need for its utmost care. The best ways to care for men’s bracelets are frequently asked questions. Our general bracelet care tips below will show you a few easy things you can do to keep yours looking as wonderful as the day we delivered it to you, whether it is made of stainless steel, beads, or leather.

  • Storing your bracelet separately 

Your bracelet, as with other wrist pieces, such as watches and rings, should be stored in a jewelry box, case or a special compartment. In this way, you don’t have to worry about any of the  pieces breaking or scratching. This is particularly important for all types of bracelet, even more so, beaded bracelets.

  • Last in, First out 

This rule, relatively predictable as it seems, is one that is largely disregarded perhaps due to hurrying in the morning before going for that big meeting, or fatigue from a hard day. There are several unintentional reasons as to why people omit this guideline. Your bracelet or other jewelry should be the last item you put on your body to complete your outfit and ought to be the first thing you remove while changing your clothes or going to bed.  Body sprays and cosmetic creams or lotion can potentially harm your bracelet after long exposure. Similarly, forcing off a jacket with your bracelets on can stretch your bracelet or send it flying off in the corner.

  • Sleeping with bracelets on

This must have happened to almost everyone at some point. It is not uncommon to forget and eventually sleep with your bracelets on. However, it is bad practice and improper care of your bracelets if you sleep with them. Before going to bed, ensure to take off your bracelets, as they are likely to twist or pull.


It might be difficult to part with your bracelet once you find your favorite piece or a few essential pieces you wear frequently. When you wear something every day, it becomes more convenient to keep it on instead of taking it off and storing it. However, keeping your bracelets on all the time does more harm than good in the long run. I’m going to mention some instances where our clients have misplaced or damaged their jewelry.

  • Working out 

Whether you’re breaking a sweat or just doing some heavy lifting, it is super advisable to remove your bracelets and set them aside. Reasons are that your bracelets could accidentally get caught in some gym equipment and potentially rip apart. Also, while working out, muscles contract and expand, thereby making your bracelet feel uncomfortable or tight on your wrist. So, save yourself the stress and just set your bracelets aside while you engage in intensive exercises

  • Swimming 

This could be tempting to a great extent, but, you have to resist with all your might! Chlorine is one of the most harmful chemicals. Swimming pools, hot tubs, and even some cleaning products contain chlorine, which corrodes some metals. After excessive exposure, the silver, zinc, and nickel are dissolved away, leaving minuscule bubbles inside your bracelet. Consequently, it is advisable to not wear your bracelets while swimming or cleaning.

  • Before applying grooming products 

Your bracelets should not be worn while you’re applying creams, lotions or colognes. These are bad for your bracelets since they have a tendency of getting into cracks, clogging locks, and coating beads.


Beaded bracelets are a sight to behold. The inherent beauty of the stones used in your beaded bracelets will be preserved with careful maintenance, which will also help avoid damage. Our assortment of beaded bracelets is made with extremely rare and valuable stones. The gemstones are attractive and come with a variety of benefits. Here are some tips to retain its beauty and sparkling quality.

  • Clean with a soft cloth. Your gemstone bracelets are alluring and as such, is worn by a lot of people daily, therefore, it is pertinent to clean it with a soft cloth and warm drop of water, at least twice a week. Cleaning the bracelet occasionally helps to remove sweat and grime caught up in-between the stones/beads.
  • Reduce exposure to sunlight – A factor that depends on the gemstone. Since not all gemstones are the same, direct overexposure to sunlight might cause slight discloration. The gemstones we collect and retail to our clients are stones that will not lose color or fade under sunlight. Stones such as Jasper, sodalite, agate, Jade and black obsidian.
  • Proper storage. Beaded bracelets need to be kept in their own jewelry box or enclosure. They should not be stored with other bracelet types, such as silver and magnetic bracelets, as this could cause scratches on your beaded bracelets.


The same general bracelet rules that apply to other bracelet types also apply to magnetic/steel bracelets. However, a handful need a second mention because they are so crucial for this class of bracelet. 

  • Avoid chlorinated pools and salty water. Whilst we procure and utilize superior materials in the making of our magnetic bracelets, we advise against continuous excessive exposure to chlorinated pools and salty water. The actions of chlorine on steel are not instantaneous but a cumulative action that builds up.
  • Avoid Scratching. The surreal beauty of magnetic/steel bracelets makes scratches on this fashion accessory the very last thing anyone wants. Proper cleaning and storage is advised.
  • Remove them before showering, washing or cleaning. Your magnetic bracelets won’t be instantly damaged by splashes or drips of water, but we still advise keeping them out of the way while cleaning or washing.


Leather is a classic fashion statement that is used to create a variety of accessories, including bracelets, belts, shoes, watches, even jackets, to name but a few. Genuine leather behaves similarly to a skin, thus treating your skin with care and attention is identical to how you should treat your leather bracelets. 

Here are some recommendations for maintaining your leather bracelets: 

  • Avoid exposure to excessive heat. A leather strap needs maintenance and care to last a long time, especially in the summer or in extremely hot situations when heat, salt water, and perspiration can harm it. It is therefore advisable to keep you and your leather bracelets away from hot places. Avoid using radiators, stoves, or campfires since the extreme heat can dry it out.
  • Keep your leather bracelets away from moisture. Leather is water resistant, but not waterproof. Wearing a leather bracelet in the shower or while swimming may cause the oils on the surface of the leather to be stripped away, causing the  leather to stretch out and sustain damage. Should water get on your leather bracelet, the first thing to do is to gently brush it off. Blot the strap dry with a soft, absorbent cloth—do not scrape it, then let it air dry—away from direct sunlight.
  • Storing the leather. The most common piece of jewelry maintenance advice is to keep your valuables in a plastic bag. However, placing leather jewelry in plastic is not advised because doing so will result in mildew growing on the leather (white fungus). Simply keep your leather in a cool, dry location.

Your leather bracelet shouldn’t smell if you take adequate care of it. If it does, it needs a thorough cleaning and some breathing room. It also means you’re wearing it too much too quickly without giving it a chance to “breathe.”

Give your leather bracelet a fighting chance by removing it before bed and avoiding wearing it when you know you’ll perspire (like at the gym).

Last but not least, take good care of your leather bracelet. This has a significant impact over time and prolongs the life of your leather bracelets.

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