How to Engrave Your Fingerprint in a Bracelet? The Latest Men’s Trends!

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If you do not have experience of wearing the bracelets, keep it understated and simple to avoid looking awkward. Research well! Prefer one that can match well to your original style and should complement the attire that you are wearing with it.

How to Choose a Bracelet for Engraving the Fingerprint?

There are many ways to use/wear the bracelets besides the variety of styles and material options that they are made with and available in the market. Following are some suggestions;

Broad Metal Bands – To achieve a bold outlook Men can wear this versatile and stylish wide kind of metal band. It suits best with the formals. Avoid wearing them over the cuff, also do not pair it with a watch on the same hand. You can pick a metal that suits well with your skin tone preferably a dull finish.

Cause Bands – A great example of this category of Bracelet is the Livestrong band. Try not to wear it with any kind of outfit or for a longer period.

Rope String and Cords – There is no restriction on using these bracelets. It is because you can pair with them as you want, with or without a watch, or in multiples. It all depends on your choice! You can find them of different thicknesses. A good suggestion would be to pair a near single metal cord that can be worn with a watch on formal outfits. You can also use them with casual attires.

ID Bands – If you desire to flaunt your identity or name or just want to attain a retro look then you should try these bracelets.

Leather cuffs – These are known as classic solid or braided cuffs. The bracelets can be mixed and matched to be worn exclusively with jeans and a tee. You can also opt for rock-and-roll ones having skeleton heads as per your style to get a rugged look.

Ultimately, you need to choose a style that can make you feel good, you do not want people to notice your bracelet first rather than you.

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How to Engrave Your Fingerprint in a Mens Bracelet?

We all are aware of the amazing fact that we are born with an unique Fingerprint on each of our 10 fingers. The reason why humans generally use fingerprints as the first choice in biometrics. It is also common for authentication purposes of illiterates using their fingerprint impressions.

Overall, we should not overlook this special gift and let others also realize its importance. An impressive way to do it is to engrave your fingerprint in an accessory that you wear all the time or on a regular basis. A good example of it would be a Bracelet, Why not?

By the way, this idea is already in trend among different parts of the world. Men use to imprint their one or more fingerprints on one or more of their favorite bracelets. It is to add some unique touch to mesmerize or impress others.

Anyone can do it, yes you can as well! How? We’ll check the details in this article, so keep on reading till the end to grasp complete information!

How to Get a Fingerprint Imprinted Bracelet?

Following is a Stepwise Brief Procedure on Buying a Fingerprint Engraved Bracelet;

Step-1: Choose an authentic yet experienced online/offline seller offering fingerprint engraved bracelets. Prefer to order it online to explore a vast collection of Bracelet options from which you can choose one or more to move ahead.

Step-2: Till now you have selected one or more bracelets. You might be seeing there is an option to upload the Fingerprint that you want to engrave on your bracelet. In case you haven’t seen any for your chosen product, then get it confirmed by requesting it with your seller.

Step-3: Once your ‘Fingerprint’ is accepted to be imprinted on your chosen bracelet, you will get a time frame by the seller for the delivery. So wait for your product to be delivered and rest. Enjoy wearing your customized accessory. Note: You can also Gift the Fingerprint engraved bracelet to someone else by mentioning his delivery address at the time of ordering.

How to measure fingerprints?

An important step that you need to take care of while ordering an engraved customized bracelet is to measure your fingerprint. You need to make sure to get it uploaded properly on the online ordering site.

It seems difficult however it can be done in a few minutes. There are different ways to do it but here is a simple, quick, and neat procedure for you;

1) Take a scissor, plain paper, cello/ transparent paper tape, and a scanner.

2) Cut a small piece of the transparent paper tape near about 1-2 inches in length and make sure your finger should not tough it’s glued surface.

3) Carefully paste it on the finger (of which you need to engrave your print on the bracelet) without any crease or air bubble.

4) Use another hand to rub the tape on your finger well so that it will capture your complete fingerprint properly.

5) Once done, carefully remove the tape from the finger using your other hand. Again, the glued surface of that piece of tape should remain untouched.

6) Now paste that piece of tape on plain paper so that your fingerprint mark will not be disturbed through any means.

7) Scan a clear image of that Tape piece from the scanner and you will get a digital copy of your fingerprint. Further, you can upload this to the seller’s website. Note: Your thumb impressions might not be correctly seen using the above step in the scanned image. So prefer to apply some ink on the fingerprint and then attach a tape to it. In this way, the groves of the fingerprint will be highlighted clearly against the ink color in the image.

Bottom Line

Men can wear bracelets as per every occasion, event or season, either daily or on certain occasions. So whatever your use case would be, you can have your fingerprint engraved bracelet.

You can easily give it to someone else as well! Either with his, or your fingerprint on it for remembrance, or even one having finger impressions on both of you. Choose an authentic supplier like Heren Armband.

It can give more admiration and attention to try something unique or rare to its wearer. A funny but amazing fact about bracelets is that you can easily play with these Men’s jewelry the way you want.

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