FAQs and answers on care of bracelets

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Can I swim with my bracelets?

  • Swimming in a chlorinated pool is not advisable for any bracelet type. Be it, paracord(rope) bracelets, magnetic bracelets, or leather bracelets.  Although it wouldn’t harm your bracelet right away, continued exposure to such chemicals will eventually cause damage.

Are our bracelets water resistant?

  • While we do not recommend wearing your bracelets to chlorinated pools, we do provide high-quality materials that can endure an unintentional splash of water or a slip in the bathtub. You should consciously treat your bracelets well, but in the case of unavoidable accidents, our bracelets have you covered.

What to do if my leather bracelet develops mildew?

  • When your leather bracelet has mildew outbreaks, it’s as a result of improper storage or cleaning, but guess what, it’s not the end of the world; there are still things you can do to get rid of the bothersome fungus. You can employ either of the following two solutions.
    • Use dish soap, warm water, and a dry cloth to remove mould from leather, then leave it to air dry.
    • If the condition is severe, then you can use a harsher solution, such as alcohol wipes. Afterwards, it should be left to air dry.

When should I not wear my bracelets?

  • Bracelets are a beguiling fashion accessory. It ups your game instantly and should be worn virtually anywhere you wish to make a statement. However, there are some situations where you shouldn’t wear your bracelets, such as:
    • Beaches
    • Pools
    • Shower
    • Laundry/Cleaning
    • Exercises/Gym
    • Sports game(if you’re actively participating)

Should I wear my bracelets with watches?

  • This is entirely dependent on your personal choice preference. While most people like to let their watches sit alone on one wrist and wear their bracelets on the other, others also choose to mix things up to give them a more fashionable look.

What can I use to clean my beaded bracelets?

  • To clean your beaded bracelets from sweat or dirt, you need lukewarm water and a soft cloth. This should be done at least twice a week or after each wear.

How to properly clean my leather bracelets?

  • Hands must be properly cleaned and dried before we begin cleaning the leather bracelets. Then, with a dry or damp cloth, wipe the leather down. Dry the leather after cleaning with a clean towel that has been rinsed and dampened. Avoid wiping the leather with a wet cloth or submerging it in water

How do I wash my paracord/rope bracelets?

  • Over time, paracord/rope bracelets collect dirt in-between the cords and you will need to clean it to restore it to its original color. The ideal way to clean your rope bracelets is to soak, add washing soap, rub gently to work upa good lather, rinse well in warm water and let it air dry.

Can I wash my paracord bracelets in a washing machine? 

  • Your paracord bracelet can become caught or ripped if you merely toss it into the washing machine without thinking. However, you may place it in a nylon wash bag made for washing delicate materials or you can attach it to the belt hooks of your pants and wash them together. 

How many bracelets can I wear at the same time?

  • Although there are no strict guidelines to how many bracelets you can stack up on one wrist, nevertheless, anything above seven might seem a little too much, but hey, if you’re a creative and it makes you happy, then go for it. But then again, most fashion connoisseurs would prefer no more than three.

Can I wear my bracelets in the rain?

  • Unintentional exposures to rain and water would not ruin your bracelets, however, you should let them air dry upon reaching your destination. 

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