3 versatile bracelets you can wear with any outfit

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Proper bracelets have no boundaries

Sometimes, individuals do not consider how accessories, such as bracelets, can really make an outfit sparkle. As a man or woman or generally anyone looking to improve their overall appearance, It is crucial to understand the importance of selecting the proper bracelets for your ensemble. This article will walk you through 3 versatile bracelets that look great with any outfit. 

1. Beaded Bracelets

This category of bracelet is a must have for every person interested in stepping up their style game. Wearers of beaded bracelets often exude a particular vigor and charisma. This is one type of bracelet that gently distinguishes you from the crowd. 

What makes this bracelet unique is the variety of choices and the distinctiveness of the stones. Beaded bracelets boasts of a variety of options ranging from ornamental gemstones such as Sodalite and Jasper, to precious stones such as Agate. Apart from these stones being extremely beautiful and stylish, they also possess some amazing properties as most of them are scarcely found.

  • Sodalite:  Sodalite is a gorgeous gemstone used as jewelry because of its royal blue hue. This is one of the best gemstones used for jewelry making. The variable qualities of sodalite allow for easy cutting into various shapes and the creation of a wide range of accessories, which aid in the wearer’s ability to speak effectively and express oneself. Owning pieces of sodalite gemstone adds color and finesse to its wearer.

  • Agate: Agate is one of the world’s most aesthetically diversified gemstones due to its amazing combination of weaving patterns and vibrant colors. It is a fine-grained multicolored chalcedony with patterns resembling moss or with colors that are arranged in stripes, clouds, or other patterns. Agate bracelets have a way of completely modifying one’s appearance. This bracelet is a must-have.

Below are some additional varieties of beaded bracelets:

2. Magnetic/Steel Bracelets

The newest fashion trend is magnetic/steel jewelry, such as bracelets, rings and necklaces. It comes in numerous styles that can appeal to everyone’s style and taste. There’s a variety of geometrical patterns, forms, textures, and sheens—from matte to polished— that can be employed to produce charming pieces. Magnetic bracelets are very trendy and fashionable. Celebrities, such as Tom cruise and athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo, have been seen sporting them.

The use of magnets in wristbands, commonly referred to as magnetic therapy, helps to boost blood flow and circulation. Magnets are also believed to reduce pain and help with energy production. When worn frequently, the magnetic field attracts iron in the blood and stimulates blood flow, this results in easier blood flow and more oxygen and nutrients to the body, tissues, muscles and organs. 

Our collection of magnetic bracelets are easily customisable with texts and symbols of your choice and it holds a piece for every person, regardless of your style preference.

3. Rope/Leather Bracelets

This category of bracelets is simple and highly adaptable. It comes in a variety of colors and can be suited to match whatever outfit you have on. These bracelets are easy to wear and fits into a host of different looks. Using a magnetic clasp, paracord bracelets are constructed from parachute rope, making this category of bracelets very durable whilst still retaining its simplicity. Paracord bracelets look super stylish and also comes in handy in precarious situations. The bracelet’s paracord material can be unwound and used to create a tourniquet in order to inhibit blood loss in case of an emergency. It also has several other use cases. 

Rope bracelets typically have a tastefully simple design that goes well with any attire you’re wearing. It is a style piece for many occasions.

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