3 Special Bracelet Pieces For a Significant Other

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“You find a special person. We’ll help you find the perfect bracelet”

Over the years, bracelets have not only been worn merely to elevate personal style, but also worn by friends, best friends, lovers, couples and even aging spouses. Bracelets have developed so many meanings over time. There are special bracelets made to be gifted to special, significant people.

While a bracelet may seem like a modest present, it is a very significant one. You could give a bracelet to that friend who has supported you through rough times. Likewise that guy/girl whom you secretly admire. You could also give a bracelet as a symbol of your love to that “special” person. Couples equally give each other bracelets on their anniversaries as a reminder of the promise they made to each other. I could go on and on about important times in life where bracelets make the most wonderful gift item. 

In this article, we’ll explicitly introduce several bracelets that have been designed with love for the lovely people in your lives.

1. Bracelet with name/text engraving

This special bracelet was made for any two people in love. It is expertly crafted and fully customisable with any text or lettering you desire. With this bracelet on, it’ll feel like your spouse or lover is holding your hand and walking with you every step of the way. This special bracelet is available in two types:

  • Magnetic bracelet: Under the magnetic text engraved bracelet, you can select from a range of customisations. You could ask us to print a short vow you made to your spouse, or a terse verse from your favorite book.
  • Leather bracelet: On the leather strap, you can ask us to engrave your name and that of your partner, with an optional love symbol.

2. Fingerprint Bracelet

Fingerprint bracelets are a very popular option among those looking to create a unique and comforting connection with someone who is very special to them. Other reasons may be to treasure the memory of a loved one who has passed away. To get this kind of bracelet made for you and your loved one, you can scan the fingerprint and then upload it on our website during checkout. Additionally, you could engrave your puppy’s paw prints on the bracelet as well.

The idea behind fingerprint wristbands was to offer a distinctive method to recall, honor, or remember a significant relationship in your life altogether.

3. Bracelets with Photo

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

– Fred Barnard

In this category — bracelet with photo engraving, it is possible to engrave anything, photos and text. This is a popular choice amongst people looking to keep a picture of their loved one with them always. This kind of bracelet undoubtedly tells a story.

Common reasons for having a bracelet with photo made with a picture of a loved one could be to immortalize the memory of a deceased partner or friend, to commemorate a life well-lived, to mark a special relationship, or simply to mark their passing away from this world. Whatever the reasons, this bracelet is a great choice.


Everyone has a particular someone in their life they wish to remember forever. Whether it’s a friend, family member, or simply an acquaintance you feel particularly connected to, remembering them with a bracelet is a wonderful way to express your gratitude and love. These bracelets are specially made for the individual you wish to be remembered by forever and make wonderful gifts for any occasion.

Find the special person you want to make a bracelet for and we’ll provide a bracelet for the occasion.

The bracelets referenced above are available on our website and are exclusively retailed by us. There are numerous customisation options on our website. All choice of text and choice of photo will be made during checkout of the particular bracelet you want. They could be purchased in bulk or in units. If there are any further questions or clarifications, do well to reach out to us.

Done reading and feel the need to get a pair for yourself and a loved one. Check out our extensive collection:

What no one tells you, but you should know about men’s bracelets:

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